Stores are closed. Employees are working from home

These solutions can help you

Coping with the current situation is a major challenge for almost every individual and every enterprise.

In view of this special challenge, we have put together some products and tools that can help companies, employees and customers in these unusual times: digital solutions that permit to establish new contacts in spite of physical distancing, guarantee continued customer service or open up new sales channels.

Stay healthy. But stay in touch.

Business closed?

Video chats make it easy to offer personal advice.

Nothing beats personal advice.

But these days, customer meetings, appointments, visits or consultations are virtually impossible.

novomind supports you with intelligent software for digital customer communications: novomind iAGENT Chat and novomind iAGENT Audio and Video Chat. The chat is started with just one click – without installation, directly in the browser. In real time, from the office or while working from home. Entry of the postal code even permits forwarding the customer to an employee in the nearest branch.

Our offer

  • Secure, scalable cloud solution
  • Significantly lower project costs, setup costs and running costs (SaaS fee)
  • Standard contracts, GDPR-compliant
  • Detailed data protection concept
  • Clearly defined project framework
  • Software from Germany, in Germany, for the whole world
  • 24/7 support

Be there for your customers, especially now. As personal as if you were there.

Physical stores closed?

Here is your solution for fast and uncomplicated entry into online business

Store closures are a disaster for retailers. Those who don’t have a good online presence need a lot of staying power in this situation. What matters now is a fast and uncomplicated entry into the online business.

novomind iSHOP is the fastest shop on the market. It permits fast implementation and offers fast loading times for fast turnover.
As every shop has to be supplied with detailed product information for optimum presentation of the products, novomind iPIM is the perfect complement. novomind iPIM supports all online and print communication measures for your products.

We offer a comprehensive carefree package with many integrated functions for your online business!

Offline due to analog product data?

Seize the opportunity to digitize your business now

Lockdowns, the cancellation of trade fairs and the restriction of field sales are representing a great challenge. Customers can no longer be reached. Business has to go digital almost overnight.

novomind digitizes your sales channels with novomind iSHOP and novomind iPIM. Our offer permits fast digitization of manual processes for product data management, distribution and online marketing of your products.

The digital availability of granular product data, flexible provision to customers in connection with an order and the low hurdle of a digital distribution channel ensure long-term customer retention, competitive advantages and a higher market share.

We offer a complete package for the digitization of commerce – from the medium-sized German market leader in digital commerce software.

Our offer

  • Combination of PIM and shop platform
  • Secure, scalable cloud solution
  • Significantly lower project costs, setup costs and running costs (SaaS fee)
  • Standard contracts, GDPR-compliant
  • Short project time
  • Fast digitization of manual processes for product information management as well as for distribution and online marketing of products
  • No IT know-how required for shop management
  • Software from Germany, in Germany, for the whole world
  • 24/7 support

Marketplaces that are always open

Entering the marketplace business now

How can retailers reach new customers if local shops must remain closed? Via online marketplaces, new sales markets can be developed quickly and flexibly and losses from the stationary business can be compensated. Companies can benefit from the reach of marketplaces fast and easy. An own online shop is not necessary. Many marketplace operators offer special conditions to traders in the Corona crisis - a good time to enter the marketplace business.

With the SaaS solution novomind iMARKET, products are easily available on online marketplaces without having to deal in detail with marketplace logic and interfaces – novomind is happy to assist you. The connection of product data and order processes is fully automated. Channel and target group specific product information ensures tailor-made offers for every marketplace. Thanks to the  realtime stock engine, stock levels are always up to date.

Increase your reach through marketplaces - from A for Amazon to Z for Zalando. Nationally and internationally. 

Our offer:

  • Fast and reliable connection to a marketplace from our range
  • Connection of customer ERP, OMS or Web-Shop and PIM including products, prices, stock, orders, order status
  • Clearly defined project framework
  • Significantly lower project costs, setup costs and running costs (SaaS fee)
  • Secure, scalable cloud solution
  • Standard contracts, GDPR compliant
  • Software from Germany, in Germany, for the whole world
  • 24/7 support

Close to the customer despite contact ban

Messaging makes it possible

Especially in times of physical distancing, smartphones take on a new significance. Messaging is a great way to stay in touch. Many smaller businesses are already asking their customers to contact them via WhatsApp while their stores are closed.

But a private WhatsApp number is not suited for this purpose due to data protection reasons. novomind is a WhatsApp Business solution provider and offers the official WhatsApp Business API. The messaging communication platform ensures smooth connection to the WhatsApp Business API and other messaging services.

With online purchases of food products currently on the increase, the novomind messaging interface enables, for instance, the uncomplicated and precise coordination of delivery times between suppliers and customers.

Messaging allows you not only to reach more customers but also to offer them a clear added value, namely maximum availability.

Our offer

  • One-to-one dialog with customers
  • Text blocks accelerate communication
  • Simultaneous processing of several inquiries
  • No customer queues
  • Significantly lower project costs, setup costs and running costs (SaaS fee)
  • Standard contracts, GDPR-compliant
  • Software from Germany, in Germany, for the whole world
  • 24/7 support

Flooded with inquiries

How to use a chatbot to answer them quickly and easily

Public authorities and enterprises are currently being bombarded with inquiries.

Many hotlines are extremely busy and staffing up the service teams is not easy. Departments or entire companies have been closed. Many employees are working from home.

Using chatbots for service automation is one solution. Chatbots can conduct automated customer service dialogs and provide smart online sales advice – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If required, they can forward the inquiry to a human customer service agent.

The outstanding quality of chatbots is based on artificial intelligence (AI). novomind has been developing chatbots for 20 years and is constantly refining the AI technology.

Our offer

  • Integration into any website possible
  • Available for all digital channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.)
  • Uniform knowledge base across all channels
  • No queuing
  • Multi-step, complex dialogs
  • Fast answers

Business bot

Flooded with customer inquiries?

Have a chatbot answer them as your digital employee.

Many enterprises are facing the great challenge of having to answer more customer inquiries with fewer employees. A chatbot can help remain reachable and answer the most frequently asked questions automatically. If required, the chatbot forwards inquiries to a customer service agent.

As an additional advantage, the customer service is also available outside of business hours.

Start now and let a chatbot take the pressure off your service staff.


Offer customer service from home

With the cloud-based novomind iAGENT software, your staff can work from home without any problems and ensure availability on all channels.

All they need is internet access, a terminal device (laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet computer) and a headset, if required. Online training for the intuitive user interface permits a quick start.

Stay flexible and make your business home-office-ready now!